Unable to write to microSD card.

I recently bought a Sandisk sansa clip device and a 8GB microSD card to go with it. Everything worked fine the first couple of weeks: connected and accessed the card using the sansa clip device and a usb cable. However, all of a sudden i noticed that new files that i put on the card werent actually there and that files that i had deleted were still around. I tried accessing the card by plugging it into my cell phone and then connecting my cell phone to my computer using an usb cable. Same result: files that i copied never showed up and files that i deleted remained. I tried formatting the card using the windows formatter but it would fail with a message saying just that. I tried formatting the card using my cell phone. The cell phone reported that everything went fine but then again, all the files were still around. I noticed that the one directory in the root of the card and all its sub directories were write protected. I tried removing the write protection and then delete the files but the files were still around.

I have now searched the internet for a sollution to my problem but I cannot seem to find a real working sollution. Best so far is someone suggesting that the card is just broken. Can this be?

And, please, DO NOT suggest that i shall make sure that the lock switch is in the right position. While searching the net, i found too many of such suggestions. THE MICROSD CARD DOES NOT HAVE A LOCK SWITCH. I AM NOT USING ANY KIND OF ADAPTER WHICH MAY HAVE A LOCK SWITCH. I am accessing the card using either the sansa clip or my cell phone, booth connected using a usb cable.

Sounds like the card has failed. They have a very liberal warranty, so best is you contact your dealer or SanDisk for a replacement.

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