Unable to play music

My friend has a SanDisk Sansa Fuse 4GB MP3 player. I have an Apple I-Mac with the latest Operating System. It has the latest version of I-Tunes. I copied over 700 songs from my I-Tunes music library and put it onto my friend’s Fuse MP3 player so she can listen to the music on her MP3 Player.  But she says she was unable to play the music. Any idea what the problem is?

What file format are the songs in? AAC files cannot be played on the Fuze.

I am not sure what format they are in. How do I find out which format I have?  I have I-Tunes on an Apple I-Mac. What is the format?

How do I change the format so it can play in the SanDisk fuse? 

What is the 3 digit extension after the . in the file name?

I can almost guarantee you it will be .aac or .mp4 which will not work on the Fuze (or a lot of other players for that matter).

You would have to convert them to .mp3 format, but that would involve converting an already ‘lossy’ format to yet another ‘lossy’ format and sound quality will seriously degrade.

I looked up some of the files in my I-Tunes. The extension is cbr.mp3.   Can that play on the Sandisc Sansa Fuze MP3 player? My friend says she can’t play them. 

I looked up a bunch more and they were all listed as MP3 files. So I  guess most of the  files I transferred to her MP3 player were MP3 format files.

.mp3 should definitely play. 

But you need to make sure that you actually transferred mp3 files. There are also Mac Finder files that begin period underscore, ._01-SongOne.mp3 and are 0kb in size. Those are just index listings, not the music files themselves, even though (confusingly) they say .mp3.

You need to look at the files that are on the Fuze. A playable mp3 file should be about 1MB per minute of music

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Please be well noted that Apple Music are encoded in M4P format, which is not compatible with MP3 player, unless you have converted them to MP3 format. 

To achieve this, you need to use Apple Audio Converter to convert Apple Music M4P to MP3, and then you can freely transfer Apple Music to MP3 player for playback without limitation. 

For the detailed tutorail, you can refer to this source page: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3

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