Unable to Boot Win PE - SDCZ36-016G-A11

I have the above 16gb pen drive. I purchased 50 of these with the intention of using them to install windows 7 in remote offices with my corporate build, including apps etc.

I know the win7 build and USB SCCM Task Sequence both work. It works perfectly fine on another rmanufacturers USB Pen drive. However, with this Cruzer the PC does not detect it as bootable.

I have compared the contents of both USB pen drives and they are identical. I have checked and this model does not have U3 installed, so it can not be that. A colleague has tried the SDCZ36-018 and that also works.

Does anyone have ideas?

What did you use to prep the drive for booting?

(BTW I have two U3 drives that I boot PE on with U3 still on them)

When you create boot media from a SCCM task sequence it formats the drive and sets it as active automatically.

Exactly the same process was followed with the 018 model and that works. I have tries two different 016g models and neither works.

The 016 drive does not  have U3 anyway, the removal tool did not pick it up. The 018 model that is working has U3 and boots fine, i made the previous comment about U3 because i found a lot of posts about boot issues when it is installed.


I had some mis-information from my colleague in the UK. His pen is exactly the same SDCZ36-016G-A11 although, it is a slightly older pen.

His Pen drive has U3 installed and mine has the newer secure access software on the Pen. He creates the boot media, via SCCM, exactly the same as do i. However, his pen drive boots, and mine does not. the format process removes the secure access files but does nto remove the U3 partition.

It does not make any sense why one works and one does not. I am tempted to just return all 50.