Ultrafit 128G USB3.0 works only un USB2.0 ports and gets hot

Hi I just recieved my new Ultrafit 128GB and it only works on my USB2.0 Port (Windows 10).  It also gets pretty hot.

My Sandisk Extreme Pro 128 GB USB 3.0 works just fine.  THe Ultrafit is also not being recognised by my Macbook pro usb 3.0 ports.  

Are there some kind of problems with the UltraFit?  I am about to send it back…


I have the exact same problem with an Ultrafit 64GB. Is not detected (device manager or disk management)  in any USB 3.0 port (Windows 10 Pro) but is in USB 2.0 ports (on colleagues computer). I even tried a different USB 3.0 port on a different computer, no go. It also gets REALLY hot. 

I contacted customer support for RMA…am waiting for the email.


Same problem here… it’s really anoying, specialy because I have a laptop witouth USB2.0…

If it doesnt work on another computers 3.0 ports then I would suggest warranty service.

If it does work, then plug it back into your computer, locate it in device manager and delete it.

Unplug it for a minute and then reinsert it into the same port. - see if that fixes it. (this reloads the driver by the way)

I’m having the same issue, actually twice.  When I originally received 3 of the 128G,  about a year ago, they worked fine for about 6 months.  Then they started overheating (VERY hot) and slowing down.  I returned them to SanDisk under warranty and received new ones.  Those were fine for a bout 6 months and now, I’m back in the same situation.  They are overheating and have slowed down so much as to be unusable.

There seems to be  a design flaw with these 128G units.  I have several 64 Gig ones of the “same model” and those have been working fine for years.

Does anyone know if SanDisk will replace these with a model that works?  If they sent me replacement of the same model, I would not trust them.  I keep good backups, but every time they fail, I have to go through recovering everything and that is time consuming.

The return process seems so “sterile”.  I’m afraid if I return these under warranty, I’ll just get more of the same.  Any thoughts?