128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive defects

I have  a mugful of SanDisk fit USB drives (4 to 64 GB  sizes, multiple of each) with no problem on the hoard…

However, recently I bought three 128GB UltraFit from Amazon to find ALL of them:

1) They get extremely hot on R/W on Max OS X10.

2) They get ‘ejected’ or disconnected by Mac OS X 10 after a few minutes of use.

What’s SanDisk view or policy on the defective products?

SanDisk offers free replacements.  What does Apple offer for its OS X 10 defects?

I’m living in the Far East. How does it work? (SanDisk, hear me?) On the Apple front, rhetorical or not, some OX 10 bugs are updated and some are c’est la vie. I completely agree with you, but, hey, I am only a user; never been a fan!

Forums are one way to have our voices heard. Thanks for any reply.

I’m living in the Far East. How does it work?

Refer to this RMA link:  http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5232/~/return-material-authorization-(rma)-process

Basically you mail it back and they mail you a free replacement.

Thanks, ED_P.    I read the 8 steps. I might give it a try. I say I ‘might’, because from the sound of it, I sense it applies to USA only, and no UPS in my vicinity, have to spend a day on the issue, and wait well over a month to get a “replacement”?

I apprecite your generous time on the request but let me hear the SanDisk side to see what they really mean by “replacement”. My claim is that 128GB UltraFit is defective. Categorically. Please note that I have three of them. If they collect and give me an updated 128GB that’ll be fine. Hopefully I’ll find my options soon.

THANK YOU again.

I don’t know about the Far East but the process works in Europe so it’s not USA limited.  And you don’t need a UPS to pick up a padded envelope.  :wink:

If you want to speak to SanDisk directly look for links on the RMA link above.  This is a users forum.

Good luck.  :smiley_cat:

BTW If you want speed I don’t recommend formatting removable drives with journaling formats. ie NTFS or ext4.