Ultra USB3.0 16GB problem

No matter what I put on the drive, when I try to open the file I’m told it’s not readable or corrupted.

OK, I went into Utilities, eraced and tried repair tool. put a simple JPEG picture on the drive then tried to open it and got this messsage;

“It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize.”

Preview does open the picture from the desktop.

Bad drive?

What is the full name of the file on the flash drive? 

What is Preview?

Simple .JPG or .jpg or any other file I load on it.

Preview is the apple I-mac picture viewer.

this is a Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 SDCZ48-016G

I also have tried to load from my HP computer.

Everything works on my other thumb drives, just not this one…

I went back to the utilities and verified… said it needed repaired and click repair. Did that, for the fourth run through of this process.

hit verify after the repair to check it and it says it needs repaired…

I think this flash drive might already be bricked. Sorry but you may want to check the warranty for this.