Sandisk 256GB Ultra Fit Flash Drive opens briefly then crashes followed by not recognised

Hello I hope I am in the correct place to ask this for help
Sandisk 256GB Flash Drive opens briefly in a new window when plugged in , I can see the files are on there , but then crashes with a message recognised
I have plugged the flash drive into another laptop and got the same issue
There are some important and sentimental files and photos that I need to keep

Can you post a picture of the message? Is it an AV message?

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These are two images taken from my laptop
first one showing the drive is visible and the second when it disappears with the message

Where have you used the drive other than your pc? It sounds like the drive’s partition table got screwed up. Hopefully you have the files on it backed up.

Just my laptop , until it went faulty. Then tried it in my wife’s laptop with the same results
It has always been plugged into my laptop since purchased
From what your saying it does not sound that hopeful in repairing or getting the folders off

Well, let’s not panic just yet.

It is possible the contacts on the USB drive are dirty. Try cleaning them very lightly with a piece of emory paper.

Thank you for your help in my rather upsetting issue I have. Sadly the cleaning the contacts did not help.
If the Sandisk is not showing up I am assuming its a case of throw it away , sadly this where photos and folders were stored and they will be lost forever
I have tried Stella data recovery but because the drive wont load it cannot detect anything

Peter, try Keerti_01’s solution that was posted in this thread:
write protected usb - USB Flash Drives / All USB Flash Drives - SanDisk Forums

Also, Important files, photos and folders, are Backed up files, photos and folders.