Ultra Flair 32gb problem?

Just bought a SanDisk Ultra Flair 32 GB USB 3.0 stick.  Been testing it with crystaldiskmark and usb flash benchmark, with both giving similar results. That is, when I first plug the stick in, I get results a lot less than expected. If I then physically remove (software eject first) and insert it in the same socket, then re-run the benchmark, I get about the expected/rated speed. I don’t know if its normal behaviour or if there’s a problem, but obviously I don’t want it defaulting at the lower speed if I need to use it for a bootable/install Win10 O.S (its main purpose).

(Running the benchmark twice without removing the stick gives the same slower result)

First time plugged in

sandisk test.jpg

second (and subsequent times)…

sandisk test 3.jpg

Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77 d3H and the same thing happens with any of the USB 3.0 sockets (front or back).

Guess it might be faulty then.

Either that or your USB port is.

Found someone on Hotdeals with exactly the same symptoms.  In the process of finding out what mobo they’re on.

Well the person never got back to me but I have since tested the stick on another pc.  First time I tried it, it did exactly the same thing.  Second time (from cold) it was immediately up to speed.  My conclusion is that I need another USB 3.0 stick to test.

Just to put this to bed.  Contacted Sandisk, ran some requested tests, still not conclusive for them but agreed to replace.  RMA procedure was painless, even though it had to go all the way back to the Czech Republic.  Replacement works at full speed, first time - every time.  Jobs a good 'un.

(just realised I have two forum accounts…but its me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Joe.  Always like happy endings. :slight_smile: