Ultra Backup not detecting folders

Recently bought Ultra Backup 64.   It doesn’t detect all of the folders under C:\Users.  Do I have to set the properties or security or something of the folders?

It’s not located in C:/. That is your HDD drive. Open up “Computer” if you’re on WIndows 7 and you should see an additional drive when your device gets plugged in.

The OP is referring to the files the Backup app is backing up, not where the app is.

You’re right, Ed.  After working with chat support at SanDisk, they could not resolve the problem.  They sent another flash drive.  It behaves the same … doesn’t find some folders under C:\Users.  I’m thinking there must be some property difference among the folders, such that Ultra Backup sees some of them but not others.  What do you think is the problem?

No idea. 

Are the folder’s empty?  Are the folders storing temporary files?  Are the folders not personal folders, ie not yourid Pictures, Downloads, Videos, Documents?

Need more info on what folders you are referring to.