Backup button not working, folders not being mapped


I just got a Sandisk ultra backup 64 GB and after installing the newer version of your backup software ( i get 2 issues:

-The backup button doesn’t work, is not the key, i got 10 and it doesn’t work in any of them. (i have windows 7 64bits).

-No all the folders are mapped on the interface to chose what to backup. I wanted to backup C:\Users\velascop\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures but Microsoft under Roaming doesn’t appear.

Thank you,

I also bought one USB flash drive just this weekend,

BACKUP button does not work also. I also installed the latest software, as asked

at the installation process.

If this is just a marketing scheme and not a real soultion, you will just see another little (investor)

go away.

Please respond to your customers’ needs.


I have the same problem, after new version button doesn’t work.