my computer doesn't recognize ultra backup 32 GB flash drive


My computer (which runs on XP) doesn’t recognize my USB flash drive. in other computers there is no problem and I have used it often, but on my computer it shows a path (F: for the U3 and G: for the USB Drive) but there is no way to access it and the “properties” option doesn’t give any information on it.

Can anyone help?

Obviously there’s something wrong with your computer.  It could be a bad USB port or your AV app or some other security system that you’re running is restricting access to the drives…

Try formatting the flash drive. I had a problem with mine on XP and it was because it was formatted to NTFS. When i changed it back to FAT it worked fine. Just upgrade to windows 7. XP sucks anyways. thats what my school uses and it almost drives me crazy.