Ultra 32gb not showing up, HELP!!!!!!

Greetings All. I’m sure there are other posts that could help but I am having trouble finding the right one. I have an Ultra 32gb flash drive. Have tried it on 4 different win7 pc’s. Windows installs drivers, it shows up in devices and printers but unavailable and the led just flashes. It is not listed in windows explorer either. Disk management shows it as a removable drive with a healthy 200mb EFI partition, a 29.50 Healthy Primary Partition, and a 128mb unallocatted partition. Did I just loose 20gb of pictures and movies? What are the first steps to try and recover?

Find out who partitioned the drive, then ask them what happened to the 20gb of pictures that were on it.

I’d have to agree. Looks like this stick has been partitioned and it will be very tough to trace it. If it’s an option for you, a reformat would be a good option.