Is there any way to get U3 drives any more I know there not manufactured but I need them for the hardware emulation of the CD drive if there is no other way then trusting the ones on eBay from china then I will take the chance. 

Also is it another chip or just the ram partitioned and programmed in a way that does it if so is there any way I can get the information to reprogram old and new chips to add code for the emulation? 

Thanks for any help

is there any source code for the u3 install aplication? or no because it was sold?

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The kingsoton, and genx also provide the U3


ich habe einen neuen USB-Stick “Sandisc Cruzer Edge 16 GB” gekauft; der Autorun wird aber sofort von AVIRA Guard blockert. !

Was muss ich tun, um den Stick nutzen zu können ? ?

Danke im Voraus