Two Odd things happened! v01,01.22A

The new firmware has  worked well till this started last night. I thought I would tune into some FM and use the new sleep timer…This was the first time I had ever used the sleep timer from when I loaded the firmware when it was released.  Ok I set the time to 60mins after about 40mins I decided not to let it shut down so I reset the sleep timer back to _ _ or no time and moved on to hear some MP3’s and after a short time maybe 10 to 15 mins the player just **shut** down for no reason. When I turned it back on I had seen that it did not pause itself as usual before shutting down so it just started playing the MP3 where it left off…  Strange!!  What caused this? Bug in the new firmware?

Other issue is with the go list. I put 3 CD’s to the go list and started playing my play list and it paused after the first CD was done instead of continuing with the rest of my list… Again! I’m thinking this is odd behavior I checked my battery % left and I had 47% still left so power should not have been a issue…  Any ideas? Thanks! George

Just wanted to add that I was not doing any thing with the player. It was on my night stand when both issues happened!

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Hi George.

I vaguely remember something about your sleep timer issue that someone wrote about right after the update. I think it was that after someone changed their mind about the sleep timer, like you did, that it still operated at about the originally set time even though they had canceled it. I believe the workaround suggested was to power down and then restart the Fuze to fully stop the sleep timer form activating.

The GoList issue you describe has not happened to me yet, but I only used it for the first time 3 or 4 days ago. I love the “add entire album” or “entire artist” with one button feature that we now have. But having it pause unexpectedly like you describe has not happened to me yet, so I will cross my fingers and hope that it doesn’t. Hopefully it was just a fluke occurrence and it doesn’t happen again!:smiley:

Marvin Martian,

Thanks!  I had not seen that post about the sleep timer. That sounds like a easy work around! Thanks for remembering it!I’ll give it a try next time i use the sleep timer. I two love the add Hole album or artist to the go list! I have been using this feature a lot without issue till last night…  Maybe it was something I did somehow. Like maybe I added one album to the go list started playing it then add the other two…  I just don’t remember what i did…  I’m going to create another go list tonight and see if it will continue through the hole list…  Thanks again!!  George

Glad I could help!

@marvin_martian wrote:

Hi George.

I vaguely remember something about your sleep timer issue that someone wrote about right after the update.

Yesz it’s a known bug that SanDisk are fixing in the next release of firmware… at least I hope so, they are aware that the bug exists and is confirmed.

please tell them to fix the golist so you can add Podcasts and tracks from Audiobooks, Like you can with the C250. I may take my fuse back to the store because of this bug.