Fuze powering off after 10 min?

I upgraded my firmware yesterday. Last night, I was listening to some music last night and after 10 minutes or so it just powered off. When I turned it back on it came back up to the podcast that I had paused earlier in the day. It was almost as if anything I had done on the Fuze never happened. I rolled back to 2.01.17 and the problem seems to have cleared up. Anyone else experiencing this?

I had the same problem 3 weeks ago, I called Sandisk support, and they told me to roll back to previous firmware, untill this problem will be fixed.

Ok, well, thanks! I guess I fixed my own problem for now!

i am using the latest firmware and have never seen this issue. did you check the sleep timer in the systme settings menu?

The sleep timer defaults to 10 mins if enabled, so check that

Yeah, that was the first thing I checked when it shut off. Wasn’t enabled. Like I said, when I turned it back on it was really strange because it was like I hadn’t had it on to listen for the past ten minutes. It was just as it was when I turned it off around 2-3 that afternoon. Still paused half way through the podcast I was listening to yesterday afternoon.

Does this only happen with podcasts or that particular one?  could be that the file is messed up.

Well, when it shut off I was not listening to a podcast. I was listening to an album. The last thing I was listening to BEFORE I upgraded the firmware to the latest and then started listening to this album was a podcast. It happened on multiple files. After it shut off, I powered it back on and went to the spot on the album I had left off at. It did it again a couple tracks later at about the same interval (probably 8-10 minutes) Which is what prompted me to check the sleep timer but it was off. 

Every time I turned it back on, the screen went to the podcast I had been listening to before I updated the firmware. Still paused where I left off earlier that afternoon.

Like I said though, once I rolled the firmware back, the problem went away.