Transfer Button Software for Mac OS 10.6 (ImageMate All-in-One)

I recently purchased the ImageMate All in One as it is considered one of the premium card readers in the market. After plugging it into my Mac, I noticed that the Transfer Button Software is only applicable for Mac OS 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5. Most consumers who are using a macintosh would now be on the 10.6 OS for improved stability and security. Hence, it is considered to be absurd for a multi-national and high-tech company like SanDisk failed to provide an up to date software.

I sincerely hope any SanDisk employees who came across this thread could reflect my suggestions to the software team !

Where did you even find OLD software for the transfer button???

I was able to locate the transfer button software by going to the link here:

I then selected “Readers” and “Macintosh OSX” which stated that there was nothing found, but then it comes back with a list:

* Button Application Download (Mac OS 10.3)

* Button Application Download (Mac OS 10.4 and above)

* Button Application Download (Windows)

* ImageMate Reader/Writer Driver (SDDR-89/SDDR-92/SDDR-99)

* ImageMate™ USB Reader/Writer Driver (SDDR-91/SDDR-93/SDDR-95/SDDR-97)

* MobileMate Reader/Writer SD and Memory Stick Driver (SDDR-103/SDDR-107)

I tried downloading and installing, but when I bring up the utility (SanDisk Transfer Button - it installs in utilities), it states that “No Device Attached.”  And, yes, I did reboot as the installer required.

Just for reference, I don’t generally use the transfer button, but with the SDDR-189(-A20) model, I decided to try it.