SDDR-89 Driver for Mac OSX

I have the 12 in 1 Card Reader, however I cant find a driver for Mac OSX can you help out?

I’ve owned and used a few of the SDDR units on my MacBook running Mac OS/X.  When you say “driver” do you mean to access the cards, or to use the button?  I have never had to load a driver to access the card slots, although the button requires that the software/driver be loaded.  I just loaded the SDDR-189, and I went to the following link:

I selected “Readers” then “Macintosh OSX” and it came back with a long list after saying no match was found:

* Button Application Download (Mac OS 10.3)

* Button Application Download (Mac OS 10.4 and above)

* Button Application Download (Windows)

* ImageMate Reader/Writer Driver (SDDR-89/SDDR-92/SDDR-99)

* ImageMate™ USB Reader/Writer Driver (SDDR-91/SDDR-93/SDDR-95/SDDR-97)

* MobileMate Reader/Writer SD and Memory Stick Driver (SDDR-103/SDDR-107)

I believe you want the Button Application Download (Mac OS 10.4 and above).

If you don’t care about the button (I find it useless, but some find it useful!), then simply plug in the unit and it should just work.

Hope this helps!

Im having the same issue - SDDR-89 12-in-1 reader is not reading the SDHC cards for mac. It reads other SD cards on mac and in PC it works fine with everything.  Sandisk doesnt provide the driver or the firmware update in mac platform. 

there are no drivers for the product. it uses generic mass storage drivers that are native to the supported operating systems. 

If it reads 4 GB card on a PC then it does not need a firmware update. what version of MAC OS are you using? SDHC support should be native to currentl MAC OS. 

Updating the firmware for the ImageMate SDDR-89 (12-in-1)

  • In order to update the firmware of you SDDR-89, you might need to use a pc, the updater wont work on mac.