Tracks repeating anomaly

I did check the repeat function on my sansa clip+ before posting this - it’s “off.” So is the “shuffle” funtion. Here’s the problem I’m having. Some of the music tracks I’ve transferred from my computer to the player repeat randomly. I may be missing something here, but, I’ve checked the settings, and everything appears to be in order. It’s not a big deal, but, it’s a little disconcerting. Some of the music that I’ve moved to the device plays just fine, others not so much. Any insight into this problem?

In advance, thanks very much.

I’m replying to my own message as I contacted SanDisk tech support about the problem. Their response was very prompt, and concise. Here’s what I had to do to resolve the problem per their advice. 1) Reset the player, which did not resolve the problem. 2) Format the device, which DID resolve the problem. I’m not sure what happened in the first place to cause the anomaly. Perhaps something occurred in downloading music files, or the firmware got corrupted. In any case, things are back to normal, and to me, it sounds better than when I first started using it. As an aside, I had no idea how much I’d grow to like and rely on this thing. It’s a real sanity-saving device as I often ride the train into work in S.F., which can get tedious and not much fun quite quickly.

Ah, the secret trick with the Clip–a reformat.


Be sure to use the resident (Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes ) format function, as it optimizes the FAT with 32KB allocation clusters.  This greatly reduces processor overhead on the device.

I’m glad you have a happy Sansa.  You’ll find that the Clip+ is just the ticket when commuting.

I like in-ear monitor type headphones, as they isolate your music from the outside noise too. You can run at a significantly lower volume with them.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: