Titles of Albums and tracks?

Easy, turbos, it is in the works.  I’m eager too, but all revisions need the requisite tweaks.

There are lots of details involved in making what appears very simple, actually work properly.  The Sansa has many capabilities, and functions in the background.  Adding folder navigation involves being sure that the navigation stays within needed parameters.

Having the option will be fun.

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For a minute there I thought you said ‘tubbos’ instead of ‘turbos’ and thought, “how does he know…?”

Hey, those love handles are hand crafted, right?

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And yet your metaphor is completely false: http://www.snopes.com/disney/films/lemmings.asp.


Nevertheless, what part of “navigate by folder is coming” don’t you people understand?

I wrote “somewhat true” which is arguably a little more accurate than “completely false”. They do jump off cliffs, and some of them that do die - they just do not expect to die. I work in a company facing bankrupcy - we all act like we will work here forever. We could use a little history lesson as well.


You say “navigate by folder is coming”, do you have a date?

You didn’t read the link, did you?  They only jump off cliffs when forced.  So I will say that your metaphor is completely and utterly false.


I believe it is supposed to be in the next firmware update.  You’re not much into research either, I see.

Its a commonly misused metaphor. Lets not aruge reality or not. You could make the pied piper is the same way. Its simple Sansa, is doin what everybody else is doing good or not. Why complain, It aint like we begged them for tags and forced them off the proverbial clif (Like a lemming). And BTW you guys are siting Wikipedia and Snopes, 2 sites that have not always been known to be the most accurate.


Thank you for this info. I downloaded from your link and this answered my question about files renamed.

However this morning when I ran “Spyware Terminator” I got a Trojan horse warning and after removing got the following message

" Preparing structures
  Creating System Restore Point
  Remove Trojan.Pakes.lth
  Deleted File: C:\Documents and Settings@user\Desktop\mp3tagv242setup.exe
  Closing System Restore Point
Thought this might be good info for you to have!