This firmware is absolute garbage. Can't wait for Rockbox.

Received my Fuze today. 

I have to say, this firmware is absolute garbage. Can’t wait for Rockbox.

No wonder the older Sansa models still sell, they support Rockbox. 

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Received my Fuze today. 


I have to say, this firmware is absolute garbage. Can’t wait for Rockbox.


No wonder the older Sansa models still sell, they support Rockbox. 

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Please enlighten us with what is so terrible about it.

Hate to ask but did you upgrade. Dont assume that the one on the player is the newest. And Just out of curiosity what version did you get V1 or V2?

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I looked at a lot of small flash players, and their designs all had some issues. I ended up buying a Fuze because it seemed to have the best hardware design, it took expansion cards, it worked without special software (sorry ipod and zune), and it had a screen I could read without squinting. The software is as good as any other manufacturers.

But, for the last several years I’ve been using an old iriver 120 with rockbox, and it spoiled me. The user interface isn’t great but the listening experience is superb.

Features like Replaygain support, conditional crossfades depending on operation mode, gapless playback, unlimited playlists, browse by folder, and all on an ancient (in the mp3 world) player.

Do any mp3 players do this out of the box? I don’t know but I doubt it. When you have a team of dedicated hackers writing open source systems you can get some great stuff, if you have enough patience. 

From where I sit the Sansa support on this forum has been pretty good, and their updates have solved some problems. Kudos.  On the other hand, if an mp3 manufacturer were to actually work with the rockbox crew to add their feature set, I think they could build one killer player. 

Corporations can’t do anything right. They cut costs down the bone, which means junk product. Will get back to this thread once my other ridiculous problem is resolved (Fuze firmware update software screwed XP’s USB hub and USB drive drivers).  Pathetic bunch of crap.

You know, for somone who’s looking for help here, you sure have a nasty attitude and a foul mouth on you!

One would think that after the reception you got here before, you’d learn that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I responded with a suggestion in your other plea for help, but if this is how you’re going to act and don’t want to do anything but bad-mouth the product and company, then I’m done with you. And I suspect this will be a similar feeling among others here.

My attitude comes from dealing with junk products, and understanding why they’re junk.  These problems shouldn’t be arising.  The reason that they arise is due to shoddy quality software, and it’s probably not the engineers’ fault.  It’s standard practice for management to cut costs down to the bone, so that even employees who want to do a good job aren’t allowed enough time to do a good job.

When things are crappy and you understand why, the thing to do is talk about it so that awareness rises, and hopefully the root causes can be eliminated. To not complain simply does not make sense.

The only time I’ve ever given any users on this forum a hard time is when they attempted to obstruct speech about and investigation of these problems. And anything that was said was true in the given context. 

I’ve wasted tens of hours troubleshooting problems on this product. Sandisk, PM me for my paypal or mailing address, you owe me a freaking check.

That’s it! I’m gone!

Tens of hours?

"I have to say, this firmware is absolute garbage. Can’t wait for Rockbox. "

Might be a long wait. Hope you got a V1 player. I don’t think Rockbox is being worked on for the V2 yet. The V1 is probably months away from being useable.


"No wonder the older Sansa models still sell, they support Rockbox. "

If you are so sold on Rockbox, than you should have bought a player that is supported.


“Tens of hours”

Sounds like an operator problem to me. I have connected/upgraded dozens of Sansa players (C200,E200,Clip,Fuze,View) to WIN98SE,XP,XPPro on three different computers with no problems. Only ones that did not connect or communicate had hardware problems in the players. Most of those were burned board components or corrosion on the main boards from getting wet.

build one yourself hampsterhead

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Hey man, calling the best mp3 player on the market (in my opinion) a pathetic bunch of crap? I am not gonna lie to you, they are cheap for a reason, but they aren’t bunches of crap! iPods are less reliable then a fuze. Within a month the hard drive and mobo on my 5th Gen Video died. I have had a fuze for quite a while now and the ONLY problem I have with it is the lack of rockbox firmware. I have never even had a rockbox player, and I didn’t even know about it till after I purchased my Fuze. If you want to complain about a crappy player, go to Apple and pitch a fit about how they are twice as much, with half the features.

I can’t just sit by and watch someone bad mouth an incredible player. Go put your 'tude where the sun don’t shine, bub!

Oh dear Oh dear.

Attitude and abuse ,whatever next.

This is a first post here ,but I frequently browse the forums ,simply because of the banter and the advice.


To be offered help and then to blatantly abuse those trying to offer it beggers belief.

Perhaps your dealings with junk products and your understanding of said ,should have led you to purchase a better USB hub that was capable of the task. (Re: you other thread).

10’s of hours troubleshooting problems with a Fuze…

Perhaps some politeness and consideration to others may have gotten you some more help.

Does the Fuze still work ?.  If it does then Sandisk have fullfilled thier side of the purchase bargain and owe you nowt.

If it has failed then I suggest raising an RMA request ,and have them repair or replace it.

Feel free to berate me for my comments should you wish ,but the fact remains politeness will allways get a better response.

we should probably stop feeding the troll

I guess your right ,I just couldn’t resist the urge.

On the subject of firmware ,any news of next.

Time? Sometime this month I have heard. Features? Well I really don’t know.

Ignoring the SMC probs that people are having ,myself included at one point ,this is a fantastic piece of kit ,absolutly bloody faultless.

I have tried and played with ,but not owned ,such players as Sony ,Ipod ,Creative ,but to be honest ,bang for buck and a shear pleasure to use the Fuze comes out top every time.

All we need know is drag and drop for Divx movies/video so that no converters are needed ,and this thing will rule the earth.

Sorry but I hate putting things like QTime on any PC.

Rockbox firmware isn’t perfect either.

I’m running it on a c240 and it’s got some issues.

You know, I’m not in love with your attitude, but I can certainly see the frustration behind it.

I once spent more time than I care to remember fixing an E280 problem.  I was truly PISSED.

I hope whatever problem can be resolved or you can return the device to wherever you bought it. 

Good idea!  Feed Lil’ Monsta instead:

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: