First build of rockbox available

Unstable for now but works :slight_smile:

info here

Suprised these Sansa guys arn’t bothered by the Rockbox discussions in here lol

I like it and hope they continue developement :slight_smile:

funny how costumers can do a better job than them!

@_sandro wrote:

Unstable for now but works :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.

Granted, good progress has been made, but it seems as though they’ve got quite a ways to go on it yet before they can reasonably say “it works”.

There are a lot of features missing (FM radio, recording, SD card support), but I was able to play m3u files with mp3s in nested folders and boot up in about 3 seconds (as opposed to 30+ seconds). Those two issues alone will make me use the rockbox firmware over Sansa’s.

works = it boots/playbacks songs :smiley:

“Suprised these Sansa guys arn’t bothered by the Rockbox discussions in here lol”

For other players they might not be so happy about Rockbox, however the Fuze+ firmware is so bad that Rockbox seems to be the only way to make the player decent. The Fuze+ hardware seems decent. I didn’t buy one due to the firmware issues. Does Rockbox give a way to quickly pause or restart the player while the touch controls are locked?

I hope we get a Fuze Zip next August with a screen like the Fuze+ and a scroll wheel like on the Fuze(or else buttons like on the Clip+).

@xpmule wrote:

Suprised these Sansa guys arn’t bothered by the Rockbox discussions in here lol


I like it and hope they continue developement :slight_smile:

I asked the Sansa people a while ago and they said they didn’t mind people talking about device hacking here.

You’ll definatly get lots of respect from your customer base if you back off on 3rd party mods

Rather than say Apple trying to stop jailbreaking and masking minor bug fixes as an excuse

to stop the current jailbreak in use.

Im all for reverse engineering, i’ve had involvement in a lot of projects over the years

My last public project was this,

I reverse engineered the LG Keybo 2 cell phone app system and coded a program that unlocks usage of FREE content :slight_smile:

No one else could seem to do it and i wanted it done so i did it myself rather than waiting around with my hand out…

I’d support Rockbox but i’m not gonna bash Sansa, personaly i think they have done an acceptable job (for the price $$$)

Reminder - > my Sansa Fuze+ was DIRT CHEAP !

Sandisk did a decent job with the Clip, clip+, and Fuze. The Fuze+ is another matter though. Even more than a year later, they still haven’t made the Fuze+ easy to control reliably. I want a player for podcasts and music that will reliably keep my place in the podcast. With the Fuze+, it seems much too easy to get unintended navigation.

I haven’t heard of any touchpad player that is well liked. Some touchscreen players are well liked though, if they have a few tactile buttons for the most important functions.

I can’t argue with anyones complaints, i hear ya guys !

I have a few of my own lol


I think Sansa is a bit of a victim of biting of more than they could chew

They LOADED the Fuze+ with LOTS of features and i’d imagine that

if they had less to deal with other features would be more refined

Like working on folder navigation or video or audio book ■■■■ rather

than focusing on the GUI touchpad or something.

Anyways, the topic lol

If Rockbox can be in a state where basic features for music playback and the UI is stable

i would probably switch to that, i don’t use or care about most of the Fuze+ extras…

Priority wise here is my list of needed capability (if any Rockbox Devs read this)

  • GUI - As in navigation is usable with the touchpad.

  • Music playback - As in it sounds ok and has EQ support and hopefully ReplayGain support.

  • GUI - As in i want to be able to see my album art, mainly while a track is playing.

So aside from that i don’t care… and i mean feature wise i screw the following features and code them in last…

  • Video Support

  • Photo Viewing  Support

  • Radio Support

  • Podcast & Book Support

  • Voice Recording support

These are all things i can do with out

Why don’t you post that in the Rockbox fora?

I don’t think anyone needs to tell pamaury what they want. I’m sure he can figure out what needs to be done. That said if anyone feels like programming, hes basically working on this by himself, so he probably wouldn’t mind someone else pitching in and getting the port done faster.

won’t find many if any coders here saratoga.

the port is in inusable statut for now. It means a lot of thing doesn’t have even a driver. Those which do have one as for the touchpad, used it in a very simple way as they  were implemented only test the if we could acces the hardware. Don’t expect any progress on this before a working way has been found for the other part of the hardware (sd, radio, usb charger…)

I’ve made some improvement on the touchpad, tester, help, comment would be appreciated

a link to the build can be find there so you don’t need to compile to install this (basicly its 1 unziped folder to copy to the root of the player):

If you don’t use rockbox allready you will need a bootloader and to read the alternative install procedure on the port’s page:

Im assuming the source code is sem-private ?

Or can anyone download it and build it themselves

On an unrelated note I’d love to be able to find info for c++

for accessing usb devices, I coded a program for a series of LG cell phones

and the major feature missing is direct transfer of the cracked content to the phone.

I’ve done tons of research and i think i have a pretty good idea what people use

i’m using Bitpim for file transfer to my cell phones internal private filesystem

And i’m not a noob with c++ ive had people around the world running my code in lots of different projects

been using every version of VisualStudio past 10 years or so BUT

there is way too much to learn with computer programming :frowning:

Figured i’d bring up the c++ USB code thing in case anyone knows of some good examples out there etc

And back on topic, If the Rockbox code is private i WILL do some testing for sure

Don’t mean to be insulting but if it was public then anyone could do just about anything, kinda dangerous (in the wrong hands)

Rockbox is a free software, see further info about it on rockbox’s site. It is meant to be downloadable, compilable, readable by anyone. :smileyvery-happy:

Rockkbox is written in C. I’m also starting with programming so I cannot help sorry.

I’ll test that patch later today when I get a moment.

Is there a method to lock the player? I remember locking other players with rockbox but couldn’t find any key combination that works with this port so far.


No worries, just found the bttom right and bottom left button thing, like that.

Touchpad sensitivity seems much better now.