Thinking of getting an extreme contour questions

  1. Is U3 still around?

  2. Password protection?

  3. How does the light work? My cruzer titanium’s light is always on and very bright, not a big fan of its design,

  1. No.

  2. No.

  3. It comes on when it is plugged in and goes off when it is removed. :stuck_out_tongue:

  And it blinks when it is in use on some of them.

alright thanks. I just hope the light isn’t as giant and bright as my cruzer…

One last thing. I need a flash drive for moving files from place to place AND backing up two computers so is this the best choice? I looked at the ultra backup and the cruzer but the usb is open to lint while the contour looks like it has a metal door when closed. Am I seeing that right; does the contour have a metal door for the usb when it is closed?  If so I’m sold and will buy a 32gb contour as a christmas present to myself.

“I need a flash drive for moving files from place to place AND backing up two computers so is this the best choice?”

Only if it makes you happy and I have no way of knowing what does that.  Personally I would look for something with fast IO, reading and writing, and that can handle large files like your backups will be.

the cruzer contour is actually discontinued. all contours sold will have U3 if you can find one. 

If it is discontinued why is it advertised on the site?

Support of the site has been discontinued also. :wink:

just because it is not being manufactured dose not mean there is none left in the channel or inventory. that is why it is on the site.  

Alright thanks for the help. I’ll just pick up a 32gb sandisk cruzer and use that for all my needs. I do have one last question though: I’ve been hearing that portable apps is really useful and it looks awesome. Does it damage the usb drive though?

no portable apps will not damage the usb drive.

It’s settled then, I will stop by my local best buy soon and pick up a sandisk cruzer. Backing up 2 computers, transfering documents, and portable apps is a lot to ask of one flash drive but sandisk flash drives have never disappointed me before. Thank you all for your help I am glad you guys could help me out.

if you are looking for a flash drive with similar performance to the cruzer contour i would not suggest going with the Cruzer SDCZ36. It is a entry level drive and is pretty slow actually. for performance similar to a contour look at the Ultra Backup SDCZ40. 

I don’t really mind the speed I think my current 4gb cruzer titanium is fast enough. I’ve decided to have a relative get me one for christmas so I’ll just go with the cheaper option. Plus I would not use the backup button anyways but thanks for the help.

Thanks for the post. Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.


  1. All the Cruzer Contour units came with U3 installed in usb partition

  2. You can use password protection by launching the u3 app as SignupShield or CruzerSync that come with AES 128bit

3. Blue led is always on, and start flashing when usb unit detect transfer activity

SanDisk Cruzer Contour is already disccontinued but it can be found easily yet. i.e. We run out of Contour 32GB version but still have 8G and 16G in stock.