Difference between all the sandsik usb drive

Hi guys.

I was the happy owner a 8gb sandisk extreme contour but someone managed to steal it from me.

so time to look for a new drive. when i look for 32/64gb drive, i came across a lot of name like :

Cruzer Blade

Cruzer Edge

Cruzer Slice

Sandisk Ultra

Sandisk Ultra Backup.

Can someone please enlighten me to as the differences between all of them since I am quite lost with the new terms?

I will be out of UK by end of June and need to make a choicebefore that.

what online site offer the lowest price for the sandisk?

if you used to have the contour you probably want something sililar in speed. All the drives you listed are entry level drives and are pretty slow except for the ultra backup.

I would actually suggest the new drive sandisk announced today The Extreme USB 3.0 drive. It is backwards compatible with USB 2 but will function at the slower speed. 


If it is not availble in your area before you need it go with the Ultra Backup.

Thank you.

I shall buy the 64gb Ultra backup from www.play.com

are you sure that the ultra one is also an entry level?