Which Cruzer flash drive is the best and why??

I can’t seem to find any specs on transfer and write speeds for Sandisk Cruzer flash drives so I’m on the forum asking which Cruzer flash drive (Glide,Blade,Edge,Ultra) is the best because they all seem similar!

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Well, first of all, you can look, on the packaging of each UFD in the back, or inside next to the warranty (with a magnifying glass, he, he…).
Also here: http://www.sandisk.com/products/usb/drives/
And I believe, that you will like investigate different models, that you can order all your friends, with these two portable utilities (free).
Not to lose more time, you can download (free) here:    USB CrystalDisk Mark 3.02 http://filecloud.io/9hqxp6fc
                                                                                                   USB Flash Speedout 0.50 http://filecloud.io/cde2b6ql


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Thanks for the reply but none of the product info pages list the performance specs.

SanDisk does not publish performance specs for most of their USB drives. they are entry level drives, the read speeds are pretty good but the writes are quite low >5MB/s. The Extreme Pro USB 3 or the Extreme USB 3 would be the best performance drives. See links below. 



The best one depends on a person’s preference. Would it be security? Or speed or accessibility. 

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