"There is not enough free space on the device."

I just got my Sansa Clip 4GB and started adding mp3 files to the Music folder.  I had barely dragged over 21 files (85.5 MB) and when I tried to add another file, I got a pop-up error message saying, “The selected files could not be copied.  There is not enough free space on the device.”  Not enough free space?  It’s a 4GB player!  Will someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, or is the device defective?

Thank you.

Try formatting it and starting over.

Make sure you copy any preloaded content off the device first.

On the device go to settings>Format>Yes

Then connect and try again.

So why is this happening? Since the first of the year (2013) I have had this happen twice to 2 different clip devices.

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  2.  Read this SanDisk knowledgeBase article: