The Videos section in the 'iXpand Drive' app stinks.

The Videos section is absolutely terrible:

  • Fullscreen button in the video player is really buggy, it seems to switch the orientation of the interface between portrait and landscape instead of simply entering and exiting fullscreen mode.

- When you click on a video to play it while the iPad is in landscape orientation, it incorrectly displays the video interface for portrait orientation with a list of other videos at the bottom and stretches it across the screen. So you have to physically change the orientation of your iPad back and forth to get the app to switch back to landscape.

  • When clicking the back arrow to exit a video while in landscape orientation, the app switches to portrait mode so the app is now sideways. You again have to physically change the orientation of your iPad back and forth to get the app to switch back to landscape.

  • Grid view for videos does not show a grid at all. It shows a single row of huge wide thumbnails that are the entire width of the screen which is completely useless. Please fix this so it actually shows a grid of squares like in the Photos section or in the default videos app for iOS.

  • There is no double-tap function during playback to fill the entire screen with video like in the default iOS videos app(and basically every other video app for iOS).

  • Cover art and icons for video files aren’t supported. Please add this!

Also why can’t I add files to the iXpand Drive app via iTunes like other apps. And why does it initially take 10 seconds to load this app on an iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6? Why so slow?

I agree on most points. There is definitely some improvements that could be made.Grid view is working for me on iPad mini but I am not getting any thumbnails generated for video. can you confirm what version of the app you are using?

App version is 3.1.4

iOS version is 9.3.3

Another suggestion for the app would be to be able to access videos already stored on the device in the ‘Home Videos’ section of the native videos app in iOS. I don’t know if Apple allows this but even if you couldn’t manage the videos there (copy, backup to drive etc) it would still be nice to at least be able to view them from the app along side the contents of the flash drive.

Disappointing to see none of these issues were resolved in the latest update for the app(4.0.0).

Another bug to add to the list:

 - When you open a video and tap the share button then tap ‘Open in’ the whole share interface becomes unresponsive, then when you exit the share interface and try again the share button is now disabled.

FlashUser - I’ve had the same issue, it sometimes just gets stuck, seemingly doing nothing when you hit ‘Open In’. Other times it seems to work, but only 5 seconds of video play in infuse pro. Have you had this issue as well?

Disclaimer: I’ve asked this question in another thread, but I’ve received no replies.

IIRC the way iOS handles open is is that the file has to be moved to the internal storage of the iOS device in order for it to be opened in another app. The unresponsiveness you see may be related to the file being moved to the internal memory. How long have you waited? Do you see the iXpand drive app or the app you are trying to open the file in increase in size under the iOS storage settings? 

If that is the case then it is essentially impossible to open larger files in other apps :-\