Text files created in iOS - how to transfer?

Hi there

Anyone know a way to transfer to the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick text files created on an iPad?

I understand that the stick can take files *from* a PC or Mac and allow them to be viewed on the iPad – but can the reverse be done? For example, the Notes app on the iPad stores documents within the app: how can this app interface with the Sandisk one? Or maybe there’s another way? Needs to work in a remote location with no other Internet access.

Thanks in advance for any help with this…

iOS devices only give third party apps access to the camera roll. Files stored within apps like Notes are sandboxed. iOS has an open in feature but from what i can tell it looks like the Notes app only allows you to open a note in a text message, email, or facebook. There is no way I can see to get a note created in Notes to the Wireless stick. 

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