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i thought about buying the sansa fuze, but the i found this:

However, what Sansa is lacking is the ability to read multiple items in one tag (separated by semicolons), which WMP11 can do, and this feature omission is a major detriment in my mind. In WMP11 if you view the library by Contributing Artist, any song that has multiple contributing artists specified (separated by semicolons) will appear separately under each artist. This is enormously useful for obvious reasons. I’ve got a lot of Ella Fitzgerald songs, a lot of Louis Armstrong songs, and a lot of Ella & Lous duets. How do I tag the duets? In WMP11 I list them both separated by semicolons and the duets are shown under each artist, but not in Sansa; it only appears under the first artist listed.

has the fuze this feature meanwhile and he lists a song under “Louis” and “Ella” (artist-tag: Louis; Ella) ?

no one ever tried it? oO

Duets, or songs featuring a ‘guest’ performer can’t really be displayed or listed correctly on any of the Sansas. Here’s what I do in these situations:

In MP3Tag, I delete the guest or additional artist in the ARTIST field, leaving only the main (album) artist. Then in the song TITLE field, I’ll do something like this:

ARTIST: Sheryl Crow; Kid Rock

TITLE: Picture [Duet with Kid Rock]


ARTIST: Louis Armstrong; Billie Holiday

TITLE: You Can’t Lose A Broken heart [feat. Billie Holiday]

This way it keeps my tags and player listings nice & neat and also gives credit to, or tells me who the accompanying artist is when the song is playing. :smiley:

so i can’t list all the songs by Louis and his feature parts…

And what would you do on an dj-mixtape?

Normally i use “album artist” as the dj’s name and “artist” for the singer/rapper.

I don’t have any, but if I did I wouldn’t care about who the DJ was. He’s just the guy putting the music together. Anybody can do that. He didn’t write it, nor is he performing it. I would only be concerned with who the artist is that is singing or performing the song.

But that’s just me. Your opinions/priorities may be different. :wink:

Maybe the DJ scenario is not a biggie for you, but I would really like to see support for Album Artist added.  It would be useful for compilations, tribute albums, classical albums, etc.  I make a lot of use of Album Artist in Winamp and I definitely miss it on the Fuze.

maybe it could be realized in an upcoming firmware. (and more than one artist either? :D)

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