Suddenly won't read the songs

Alright, I got my new Sansa yesterday, after debating buying it at the store I work at.

Gotta love Radio Shack.

Right, So, after it wouldn’t be read on the computer, reformatting it three times, restarting it about 20… I’ve learned that my sleek little 1Gig SansaClip just doesn’t bloody like me, apparently. I’ve tried everything. I have updated my systems, I’ve checked every logical thread, updated the firmware on the clip, deleted and re-evaluated if my song bundle was compatible with the clip itself.

Nothing is out of place. So, can someone tell me precisely why when I go to disconnect my clip… and start the clip that there are no songs on it? When I plug it back in there’s a whopping 170 or so.

Can someone save my sanity and give me a tip or two? Mind you, I have read all the threads on the forum, and I’m not computer illiterate. Honestly, I’m tired of having to move songs again. >.<

Thanks, loves!


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I’m having the same problem. When attached to the computer, all songs are there. When I detach it and try to play it says “no song”. Please help.

Actually, I fixed it. But I’m not sure ‘what’ fixed it.

Make sure than before you disconnect the device, you take the hold button OFF and detach it from the computer using the “Safely remove hardware” command.

Otherwise it’ll ‘format’, freeze, you shut it off, restart it, and the 10-some songs you put on it don’t show unless it’s connected on the computer. Then you do it all again. e.e;;

Try that, see if it works.

You should always disconnect USB hardware from your computer using the Safely Remove Hardware process–it’s one of the icons in your computer system tray (bottom right on your screen), and you just click on it and then select the hardware you are disconnecting.

thumbs up for you Xaia :slight_smile: