Subject: Are MicroSD Adapters Sold Separately?


I keep SD to USB adapters strewn about in the hope that one will be close to hand when needed. I have just purchased my first microSD card, and I’d like to get a hand full of microSD to SD card adapters to keep handy, too. I’m surprised that SanDisk, the company that used to include two spare USB caps with each “Cruzer mini [sic]” it sold, seems to have made no provisions for lost adapters. Of have they? Is there somewhere where one can purchase the adapters separately?

Of course, I could purchase one or more small, cheap, microSDs-with-adapter or microSD to USB adapters, but that would involve a small amount of ecological and financial waste that I’d prefer to avoid.

Thanks in advance.

A lot, but not all micro-SD cards come with an adaptor in the package. Something to look for when you’re shopping for the cards. They can be quite handy when using card readers, or if you want to use the micro cards in a camera which uses the full size.