Strange issue with 128 gig usb3 flash drive

I am trying to copy video files from a mac to the sandisk drive. These file total around 17 gig. The transfer starts normally until is hit roughly 1.42 gig amount, it then freezes and ultimately displays “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 100006).” along with a failure to eject properly from the mac. Is there a way to determine is the drive is corrupted aside from trial and error using multiple PC?


Have you explored the SanDisk website for information related to the products they sell?

They often provide troubleshooting guides and FAQs that might address issues like drive corruption or unexpected errors during file transfers.

Additionally, have you checked the Knowledge Base on their website? Using specific keywords related to your problem, such as “file transfer error,” “drive corruption,” or “error code 100006,” can help narrow down relevant articles and solutions. These resources can provide insights into diagnosing drive issues without relying solely on trial and error across multiple PCs.

Well actually, I thought the forum would be the shortest path to an opinion. In my experience the “company” selection is seldom the solution, unless it is very basic. But thank you.