can't copy files from macbook to cruzer facet

the flash drive is fat-32 formatted, it’s been working fine for months

now when i try to copy files from hard drive to the flash drive, they bounce back – doesn’t work

there is 8 gb of memory space remaining on flash, any suggestions ?

and i’m referring to very small files = )

Either something has changed recently on the computer, or the drive has developed a problem. I would try calling SanDisk Tech Support and see if they have any ideas/solutions.

thanks worm - i sent a message to san disk support yesterday 

i am able to transfer the files on the corrupted drive to another, so it’s not a big deal -
however it has made me lose confidence in my back up system

probably it’s just a one time thing – unless it’s my computer’s fault ; ; yikes !! 

By the way, if it makes a difference, it could be possible the the flash drive needs to be formatted to NTFS perhaps?