Standard SD 1GB future


I’m considering the purchase of a device that uses standard SD cards of 1GB max capacity.

There seem to be less of them about than the bigger cards now. And with new faster versions arriving, how long into the future will the standard 1GB SD cards be available? I’m in UK, for what it’s worth.

it is likely that 1GB cards will not be around much longer. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of the host device you are considering purchasing and ask if they have a firmware update that will allow it to use larger cards. 

OK, **bleep**. :slight_smile: And I don’t think a fix is on the cards. NPI

But anyway, thanks for that.

That ‘bleep’ was pretty tame, btw!

@jonabc wrote:

That ‘bleep’ was pretty tame, btw!

So was Katy Perry’s dress in her skit with Elmo, but Sesame Street pulled it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: