express and high gb micro sd


i’d like to know if its possible to use 8 gb micro sd cards with the express 1gb?
or if it will be possible in the future



I think the new firmware 1.01.05 supports SDHC already…meaning if you have the latest firmware, you can use the microSd from 4G - 8G…correct me if I’m wrong

that sounds great
thx a lot

hi there,

i have another question…
how is the card used?
is it just additional memory, that is if i have the card plugged in the express
and connect the express to the usb do i have eg 3 gb then? or do i have to manually
plug in the micro sd to a card reader to load songs on it?

thx a lot


you can use the express as a reader. Just connect it to your pc and 2 drives should show up. If you dont have a microSD inserted, you should still see 2 drives; you would just be unable to open one.

nice one
soon i’ll have one