Any idea when 128Gb Micro SDXC might come out?

I’ve been impatiently waiting for an 128Gb Micro SDXC card to use in my symbian mobile for some time. Are there any rumours about when one might come out? (I hoped something might have been heard at CES perhaps) Or educated guesses based on previous release timescales for the cards? (I’m not familiar with these)

Are release dates for the cards regular and spaced out yearly or whatever for financial/economic reasons or might there be problems getting a 128Gb card to work reliably?

I have around 1.5TB of data that ideally I’d like to carry around in my mobile so I will buy up many future doublings of capacity to come. I will never, ever, use cloud storage for my data.

Thanks in advance for an replies!

Nothing on this has been officially released by SanDisk, and I haven’t heard (or read) any rumors either.