I will just cut to the chase on this one :-)

The main devices that use Micro SD cards are cell phones and MP3 players. Now that we actually have cell phones that support XFAT (Samsung Galaxy SIII and Android 4.x);

  • How long will be be before I can get a 2TB Micro SDXC card for my phone?.

I have followed micro sd card capacities since I had my Sansa (which I would never buy again unless some changes are made). It seems like there were manufacturing issues with the first 32gb cards which delayed them getting to market and kept the prices inflated.

64gb cards have been around a long time, but again;

Who supported XFAT ?

No devices supported XFAT, so the cards were not compatible with different devices. I am pretty sure that 2TB Micro XDSC cards exist right how, at least in prototypes ( it is going to happen sooner or later).

Back to the Sansa issue.

I am not sure if Sandisk as seen the 4 and 5 inch Samsung MP3 players that look like Samsung cell phones, but only with Wifi and no cell features running Android 4.x.

If Sandisk could make a “Sansa” with a 5 inch touch screen (1280x800), Wifi, 64gb or 128gb of internal flash memory and a card slot for another 64,128, 256, 512gb or 2TB of space.

I would buy one right now. It is no wonder the sales of Sansa devices have declined over the years. They have not kept up with the market. 

I think I could turn the Sansa line of products around if Sandisk hired me and make it profitable again.

@snowleopard wrote:

  • How long will be be before I can get a 2TB Micro SDXC card for my phone?.


My guess is about 2 years.