SSD Sandisk G3 120GB probl

hello recently i put the ssd sandisk g3 120gb (SDS7CB-120G-G25) on my macbook pro 13’ 2010 mid i also have installed mavericks on my mbp 

i run speed tests with blackmagic speed test and i see only 80mb/s write/read… is too slow…can someone help me to fix this?

my infos on mbp is:

NVidia MCP89 AHCI:


  Product:MCP89 AHCI

  Link Speed:3 Gigabit

  Negotiated Link Speed:3 Gigabit

  Physical Interconnect:SATA

  Description:AHCI Version 1.30 Supported

SanDisk SDS7CB120G00000:

  Capacity:120.03 GB (120,034,123,776 bytes)

  Model:SanDisk SDS7CB120G00000                 


  Serial Number:101201300404

  Native Command Queuing:Yes

  Queue Depth:32

  Removable Media:No

  Detachable Drive:No

  BSD Name:disk0

  Medium Type:Solid State

  TRIM Support:Yes

  Partition Map Type:GPT (GUID Partition Table)

  S.M.A.R.T. status:Verified



  Capacity:209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes)

  BSD Name:disk0s1


Macintosh HD:

  Capacity:119.17 GB (119,174,365,184 bytes)

  Available:57.29 GB (57,288,663,040 bytes)


  File System:Journaled HFS+

  BSD Name:disk0s2

  Mount Point:/


  Volume UUID:0508F3D4-0B1A-39F4-9E2A-136C63024B8C

Recovery HD:

  Capacity:650 MB (650,002,432 bytes)

  BSD Name:disk0s3


  Volume UUID:E28F47D1-D0D9-3343-8A60-7A85172A75C0

the G3 ssd was the firs retail ssd sandisk released several years ago. If you bought this SSD I would recommend returning it for a refund and getting one of the current line SSD. Since you are using a MAc get an Ultra+ or Extreme Pro. From some posts on here there are some issues waking from sleep with the Extreme II on Mac that are not reported with other models.