SSD Dashboard Secure Erase error

So I created the USB Secure Erase drive to erase my SSD for re-imaging via Windows Recovery Image, to go back from Win10TPb10130 to Win 8.1.

Firstly the USB drive is only recognized at 1GB even though it is 2GB and 2GB in Windows. It is a Sandisk Cruzer Blade.

Then I create the UEFI drive, which completes and upon restart the SSD Dashboard utility crashes with an error. 

Can’t simply restore using the image as Windows recognises 10 on the drive and says no images are visible on the external HDD I created it on.

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try using the ssd dashboard to sanitize the ssd. It does the same thing as secure erase and may work for you. 

try using the SSD dashbaord and sanitize the SSD. it does the same thing as secure erase and may work for you. 

Can’t as it’s the system drive in a laptop. No worries as I have replaced the laptop.

huawei matebook HZ-W09, SanDisk SD7SN6S128G1027

what is problem ?what to do friends?:wink:

Our engineering team is taking a look at this and hopefully next release of Dashbaord will have improvement

Maybe it’s the manufacturer of the tablet is to blame what does not work booting from USB drive ? that is due to the uefi

kbd\_mode: can't open '/dev/tty' : no such device or address

I too got the above error on my computer (an intel NUC6CAYH) using a USB keyboard (it only has USB ports)

The workaround was to disable UEFI boot and switch on “Legacy Boot” in the BIOS settings. In legacy boot mode the sandisk dashboard utility on the USB stick loaded (though another bug initially prevented me performing the secure erase, I found a solution)

If your computer normally boots via UEFI you’ll need to switch UEFI back on in the BIOS settings after erasing your ssd.