Unable to format SSD, in a 'Security Frozen State'

I am trying to Secure Erase my SDSSDHP128G (Ultra Plus, purchased March 2015), ready for RMA.

On the first screen of the SSD Dashboard, it shows my device. I press Enter and get:

The selected device is in a Security Frozen state. On selecting Ok the system will be suspended to un-freeze the drive. Press any key (or Power button) after 10-20 seconds to resume. Press 'Ok' to suspend the system - 'Cancel to abort.

If I press Enter on Ok, the PC turns off.

I wait 30 seconds, turn the PC back and and the SSD Dasboard re-appears with the same screen mentioned at the top of the post.

When I press Enter on my device again, I get the same message as above.

It basically appears to be a loop.

Any ideas?

Hi Kingmustard, 

After you boot up in this screen, can you try to disconnect/reconnect the SSD? 

The security freeze should go away and you can continue with secure erase

Hi Chushi,

You want me to disconnect/reconnect the SSD whilst that screen ​is showing?

correct, disconnect the power and reconnect it while on this screen. 

I did as you said and disconncted it and hit Refresh and it, as expected, said no drives were found.

So I reconnected it and hit Refresh and it found it again but when I try to erase, I get the same loop as above.


Is it possible for you to connect this drive to a PC with USB port and erase using Windows version of SSD Dashboard ?

I unfortunately do not have an enclosure for it.

Any further ideas?

I also had problems with my PC not resuming after the sandisk ulitity put it to sleep to unfreeze the drive. I found that the only way to successfully perform a secure erase was to unplug and reconnect the drive at the BIOS boot choice screen. i.e After the bios has loaded but _ before you progress to booting off USB _.The sandisk dashboard usb utility then never sees the drive as “security frozen” so it doesn’t try to perform the buggy suspend/resume operation.

Most BIOSes have a key you can press during start up to pause and show you a choice of boot drives, press that and disconnect/reconnect power to the ssd you want to secure erase before choosing to boot off the USB drive with the secure erase utility on it.

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