Speed for Songs

I like the new podcast options in the latest firmware update, but is it possible to get the audio speed options for music as well as the podcasts? I would really like to use it. :slight_smile:


Mee too, that would be awesome! A frind of mine has a samsung with this function and that’s lot of fun!

put the music in the Podcast folder.

The three available speeds are Lurch - Normal - Chipmunk, right?

I’m going to play with it, trying a music file.  My daughters will love it.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: 

That wouldn’t be very practical though, to copy all of my music over to the podcast folder.

But then, do you really want to listen all your tunes as if sung by the Chipmunks?  My hunch is, that’s the reason why SanDisk offers the speed adjustment only for spoken files such as audiobooks and podcasts.