Wish Folder Mode would use Podcast Options when listening to a podcast.

  I mostly use my MP3 players for podcasts and SanDisk/Sansa players have always been good for this as it remembers your place and you can adjust the speed which I do use for certain podcasts to fast and the ClipSport adjusts for the pitch as well which is nice. However, if you access the podcast through folder mode it uses the music options and not the podcast options. The Clip+ was the only clip player I used that you could play podcasts on folder mode and not have it on music mode. I assume this is NOT going to change since most of the players only use folder mode for music and not podcats. but it would be nice it you could use folder mode for podcasts especially given the limitation of 2,000 files per each drive. 

I’d like to have this please. Count me in on this.