sound stutters


did anyone come across this?

while shuffeling thtough all my songs(~600 flac + 320’s) every other song the sound stutters like on an old sony diskman if u rocked it a little.

only thing i could think of is that the my sd card is 64 gigs class 10 sdxc.

hope its not the issue. no tag problems or any other strange  phenomenons occur.

data refresh  is quick.


It could be the speed of the card–issues have been reported under the original firmware for cards over Class 4 in speed.

You might try some MP3-fomatted files as well, to see if this relates to the FLAC format (and/or to the higher fidelity rip rate you’re using). 


found an old 32GB class 4 card…hope this will solve it…will update 


seems like the class 4 card solved the issue. thanks :slight_smile:

Great to hear!  But wish Class 10 cards would work more consistently–are readily available.   :frowning:

I do blame Sandisk for not warning people that they need to use a class 4 or slower card with the Clip+, Clip Zip, Fuze, and Clip Sport.