Songs sound fine in my laptop but sometimes they skip on the Jam. How can I fix it?

I’ved used sansa players for many years and they always sounded fine. But the Jam sometimes skips and distorts them on playback so bad I have to delete them. Happened a bunch of times now. I use the youtube to mp3 converter link, is that bad? 

Also, I don’t understand what replay gain is and the other equalizer type settings. Could my settings be the problem?

Thank you.

Are the problematic songs in a format recognized and supported by the player?

They are converted to mp3 - I think this site is a very popular way to do this from youtube. And most songs are fine. 

 Mp3 files are supported by Sansa ClipJam however there might be some attributes associated with it  that might be causing the issue.  You can check the supported file type and attributes supported by Sansa ClipJam : Also, you can contact SanDisk Support at 866-726-3475 and provide them with the Sample File, so that they can check and isolate the root cause for you.

Yes, converting AUDIO files might have a lot to deal with the sound, the Sansa Clip Jam, supports MP3 and WMA files with no problem.

My best solution for you, is to use a reliable audio converter, for example you can use Xilisoft audio converter, I personaly use both versions audio and video, and they work great, the only con I could see, is the timing adjustment of the cutting (it may cut 1-3 seconds of the end of the file) in case you’d like to cut some intro or the end, but since you know this trick you will manage to play it around.

Good luck BuddyHollyJR