song database capacity vs. usable storage clarification

Brand new Fuze today. My 2 yr old Toshiba Gigabeat died–liked it, but the battery capacity was pitiful. Have Shure headphones and am looking forward to this player.


I did read some posts about storage and this issue came up. 


Issue:  One poster wrote Sansa Fuze has 4000 song “database” capacity.   Database suggests to me that the “brain” can only manage, sort, file, bookmark, select, and play, etc. up to 4000 (songs) entries.   How does that relate to internal vs. Micro SD card storage?


I put a 5.4 GB Spanish Course on internal memory and plan to buy an SD card for additional music and photo storage.  I can get up to a 16 GB card, but need to know if this “database” issue limits how much storage can be used.  If so I’ll get get a 4 or an 8 because the bigger ones aren’t cheap.


Thanks for your patience and know how. 


Rick W.

Salem, OR

It only affects the number of files that can be indexed, not card size.

Thanks for the quick response–.  Indexed?  So, let say I have 6 playlists with 1,000 songs each.  Does this mean that 2,000 songs are unselectable by any usual database parameter, e.g. artist, title, genre, etc.   If so how do I search for and select them?

You’ll be hard pressed to exceed 4000 songs at bit rates > 128K and the next firmware will increase the limit.

Currently the maximum number of supported songs is 4000.

New firmware is due this quarter.