Son Manager to go to Replay Gain and now Fuze is locked on white screen and will not turn off

I really need help.  I purchased the 8g Fuze for my 13yr old and he was exploring settings and went to replay gain, clicked and brought it out with a totally white screen I can not get it shut off, have held the power off button for 20sec up, still a bright white screen, put on on the charger, rebooted computer, nothing, still white screen,

Any suggestions would be helpful!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


Hello Amanda!  Merry Christmas to you, too!

I’m new to the forum, saw your post.  Looking at the “stickies” (the messages at the top), there is a note about the latest s/w release - that there is a known bug regarding the replay gain.  Look here:  Sansa Fuze Release Update

So, try resetting your son’s player; check the s/w version (under Settings, System Settings, Info).  They recommend 02.02.26 until the bug is fixed.  There are detailed directions, if you need to roll back your release version to this stable one.

Good luck!

  • Suzanne.

PS - from the manual:  “To reset your player, slide the Power switch up and hold it for approximately 10 seconds.”

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I am sorry that your Fuze has decided to misbehave on Christmas Day!  I mean, really, fireworks are supposed to happen on the 4th of July.

Let’s see if we can get this wee beastie back to operation.  First is a soft reset , to see if the machine can clear and restart.  The white screen is a bit of an enigma.  Hold the power switch up in the ON position for a good 30 seconds.

It may take a few tries.  If you are successful, go to Settings > Music Options > scroll to Replay Gain > OFF for now.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: