Someone rethink the keyring attachment...please

I just bought the 128gb Wireless Stick, hoping it would solve a myriad of problems I have with other USB memory sticks.

Then, I hit on what should be a really insignificant issue.

The holes that should allow for a keyring to be attached to the drive isn’t configured properly to allow a keyring to be attached.  I have tried 6 different types, including the very cheap, flexible type of keyring you get from your car dealer service department.

Short of trying to put a STRING thru the holes, nothing will fit…no matter which side of the drive I start from.  The interior design of the holes won’t allow for the curvature of the keyrings.  And I’ve tried many different types of rings of various sizes that address multiple curvatures.  They all get hung up .

I don’t think I’ll return it for this reason…I’ll just have to be extra careful that I don’t misplace it.  And at my age, that will be a challenge.


You can use Lanyard Loop In which are easy to hook up to the Wireless Stick.  Found one for myself off Amazon :

Hope this resolves your query

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