64GB Dual USB broken keyring clip

I really like my 64GB Dual USB Drive, it covers all my needs, however…

The clip for attaching the drive to my keyring would have to be the flimsiest bit of plastic ever made!

It broke almost immediately and I was lucky to notice it come off my keyring, it could easily been lost.

Now I have to carry the drive in my pocket rather than on my keyring.

I’m 100% certain others have had this problem, I would like to know how they might have solved the issue?

Bits of wire? duck tape? super glue? 

Any and all ideas would be much appreciated!



my suggestion would be to go back to the place of purchase and ask for a replacement or contact sandisk support to see if they can replace it with a new one as courtesy.

you can contact sandisk support directly through here


Any and all ideas would be much appreciated!

Most USB drives are made for lanyards not keyrings since most USB drives are not metal like keys and survive better around necks, and in pockets. :wink:


If a lanyard doesn’t appeal to you try a piece of fishing line. 20# test should work imo.