Some questions about the new ssd ultra 3d (smart)

I just bought a ssd ultra 3d 250GB.
I’m worried about some smart data.
This is how smart looked like at first power-up.

And this is what it looks like now. It’s a fact that I wrote a lot of data (tests, copying) and usually I don’t do that much.

Are the parameters A7 (167), A9 (169) normal for a new disk?
What does the huge increase in the value of A5 (165) SLC Block Erase Count mean?
And what about E6 (230) Media Wear Out Indicator - is it closely related to the amount of data written? This disk has 100TBW and 0.07% of 100TB is 70GB, which is less than even Total GB Written. Another thing. Am I counting WAF correctly as NAND GB Written SLC / Total GB Written? This is 235/224 = 1.05
I will be grateful for your help