Lifetime writes on Ultra Plus SSD

Just curious if anyone can shed some light onto the SMART info for these drives when it comes to host writes. I’m just trying to track my writes as I’m using two of the 256gb drives in a raid for a home server type of environment with hyper-v so I can study for my microsoft certifications, and I’m concerned about the writes multiple OSes running at once can cause.

When I look at the data in crystal disk info, the numbers are huge, the decimal numbers are 990570319 and 997894294 respectively, and compared to both my other non sandisk SSD and my 128gb sandisk extreme in my laptop (would have gone with extreme again but the price was unbeatable for the ultras at the capacity) these numbers are huge. For example, my 128gb extreme in my laptop currently is at 1147.

Are they measuring using different units? I’m assuming that’s the issue, and i know the controllers are both made by different companies on the drives so I’m sure that might have something to do with it, but can anyone shed any light into the ultras? Info is pretty spotty since they’re so new. Thanks for the help and your time.

Edited to add a screenshot:

The Extreme SSD uses a Sandforce controller and the SMART attribute for Lifetime writes is displayed in GB. The Ultra Plus uses a MArvell controller and if I remember correctly for Marvell The number listed 1015669923 is the total number of write operations issed by the host. Each write operation is done in 512bytes. To get the total GB written use the following method.

Number of total write operations x 512 = total number of bytes written

1015669923 x 512 = 520,023,000,576

Total number of bytes written / 1,024 = total number of kb written

520,023,000,576 / 1,024 = 507,834,961

Total number of kb written / 1,024 = total number of MB written

507,834,961 / 1,024 = 495,932

Total number of MB written / 1,024 = total number of GB written

495,932 / 1,024 = 484GB

Thanks for the info, that’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

On a side note, it’s only at 1017124554 today which means I’ve gone from 484 to 485GB in a little less than 24 hours, so I guess I don’t really have much to worry about. I’d say 90% of those writes were when I imaged both drives ~4 times plus a test backup restore to make sure it worked.

Again, thanks a lot.