SMC produces very large file size

Video output files of SMC are at least a three times as big a the original ones , regardless of the type (mp4, avi (xvid or whatever)) or video parameters of the originals (e.g., a you tube video encoded to AVI file 220x176 (what already should be the Fuze display resolution), 768 Bitrate => 4min, 6MB => SMC blows it up to 21MB). Is this normal??? SMC seems to use divx 5.0 codecs installed by itself, but Im not quite sure since Im not really firm with these video-codecs stuff bla bla.

Please, any suggestions how to reduce the file size !!!??? Im at my witsend…

Buy a different mp3 player??

Sorry but the videos are being formatted by SMC ina format that your Sansa can use them.
IF you have a player that works with Rockbox, you can use mpegs formatted with other software…

I noticed that too.  My coworker could get 9 movies on her ipod on 4 gb (with room left over) and I get about 4 or 5 on 4 gb card.

So that’s what I do.  I use the micro memory cards.  At the price they are now, it’s not a bad investment.  This way I don’t have to reconvert them to watch them again.